Dr. Hammonds has been integral in establishing many concussion management programs over her career. She is an expert in diagnosing and treating sports related concussion injuries. Fortunately, most athletes with a sports concussion will recover very quickly. Some, however, will have a prolonged recovery with lingering physical, cognitive or behavioral difficulties. It’s important that athletes who may have suffered a concussion get assessed and, if needed, treated promptly to aid in the recovery process. During the evaluation, she will perform a thorough history and physical examination as part of her assessment and determine a customized treatment plan. 

Dr. Hammonds is a big advocate of the team approach to managing concussions. She will collaborate with multi-disciplines to best guide the athlete on their path to recovery. This team may include: school athletic trainers, teachers, PT for vestibular therapy and progressive return to play, speech for cognitive therapy, and guidance on academic accommodations. Dr. Hammonds is also a Certified Impact Consultant (CIC) and can use this neurocognitive testing to assist in the care of the injury.

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