Viscosupplementation is a treatment for arthritis that involves an injection of hyaluronic acid, a thick gel-like substance, in to your joint. These substances, known as hyaluronates (hyaluronic acid and hylan), improve the lubricating properties of the natural fluid in the joint (synovial fluid), reduce inflammation, reduce joint pain, improve mobility, and provide a higher and more comfortable level of activity. For joint health, ‘motion is lotion’ and these treatments may help you to be more active. Other names for these you may have heard is the “rooster comb injection”, as earlier forms of this products were taken from cartilage of rooster combs. Today, these injections are no longer taken from animals but are synthesized in labs. Depending on the specific product, these injections may be a single injection vs a three to five shot series. We can perform viscosupplementation of any of the commercially available products out there. 
Below are some viscosupplementation products that are available:
  • Durolane (sodium hyaluronate)
  • Euflexxa (sodium hyaluronate)
  • Gelsyn-3 (sodium hyaluronate)
  • Hyalgan (sodium hyaluronate)
  • Hymovis (sodium hyaluronate)
  • Monovisc (hyaluronan)
  • Orthovisc (hyaluronan)
  • Supartz (sodium hyaluronate)
  • Supartz FX (sodium hyaluronate)
  • Synvisc (hylan g-f 20)
  • Synvisc-One (hylan g-f 20)

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